Treatment of Strabismus

ילדה עם פלסטר על העין

Strabismus is rather common, with statistics showing approximately 2% of all children afflicted with it. Diagnosis of strabismus at an early age by an ophthalmologist and optometrist who specializes in strabismus can be critical in the success of strabismus treatment and in the prevention of a lazy eye.

Strabismus treatment can be performed surgically or optically, or a combination of the two. Optic treatment of strabismus generally involves use of a monofocal lens and inclusion of prisms based on the type of strabismus, while customizing the eyeglass frame to the lens. Another treatment for strabismus, and particularly accommodative estropia, involves multifocal lenses. Special multifocal lenses are occasionally required that are designed using advanced technology of simultaneous vision and preference.

About Arza Fruchter

Arza Fruchter has been specializing in the treatment of strabismus for many years, including complex cases, and has the necessary professional experience required to customize the right treatment based on the type of diagnoses strabismus.

Arza’s clinic provides treatment for strabismus, providing specially designed contact lenses or lenses with optimal thickness and correct thickness design as well as a customized frame that best suits the specific lens.

In the case of complex strabismus, such as accommodative estropia, which is typical of children with strong inward strabismus, can be optimally treated with customized multifocal lens for strabismus, an area in which Arza has special expertise.

If you suspect strabismus or have diagnosed strabismus that requires treatment, please contact below.

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