Customizing contact lenses for special vision problems

Common Cornel Conditions

Common Cornel Conditions


If customization of regular contact lenses is a process that requires professionalism and expertise, customization of contact lenses for special vision conditions involves even more.

Arza has extensive experience in customizing contact lenses for such complex conditions as:

Keratoconus: disease that causes distortion and structural change in the cornea;

High cylinder: cylinder corrects astigmatism – condition in which the cornea is elliptical and slightly protrudes;

Aphakia: condition in which the lens is removed from the eye due to dislocation and no new lens was implanted due to suspected complication;

Following laser surgery: customization of contact lenses to the new shape of the eye following scraping during surgery.

This type of condition requires special modification of the lens using the wide range of technologies that are currently available to treat the condition: breathable hard lenses, breathable hard lenses with cylinder, soft contact lenses, lenses with lubricant or water, hybrid lenses, scleral lenses, etc.

Arza not only has experience in treating complex conditions of the eye and various eye diseases but also technical background in producing contact lenses and in participation in the development of lenses with new technologies. The results in the field include a high success rate and quick planning of special contact lenses to correct unique vision problems.

If you suffer from any complex vision problem or eye disease, please contact us to receive the most comprehensive, professional and dedicated treatment of your vision problems.

ארזה פרוכטר

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