Contact Lenses

Arza Fruchter specializes in the manufacturing and customization of contact lenses for the patient.


ארזה פרוכטר - עדשות מגע בהתאמה אישית

Customized contact lenses – lenses manufactured in Arza’s clinic are top quality and offer a solution to every type of vision problem.

How am I unique with regards to customized contact lenses?

My background in manufacturing contact lenses has provided me with a thorough understanding of what is comfortable and successful for the patient.

My experience and abilities allows me to provide a fast, convenient solution.

I can plan every parameter in the lens without nearly any limitation, thereby allowing me to optimize in complex adjustments to vision such as:

  • Following disease that affected vision or eyes
  • Keratoconus – special customization with optimal adjustment. This eye requires special oversight and customization. I have a wide range of contact lenses for keratoconus: hybrid soft, breathable hard (RGP)
  • High cylinder – this customization requires maximum precision. I have the ability to adapt every type of contact lens with a high cylinder with raw materials with high oxygen permeability
  • Customization following laser surgery and strabismus, experience of over 25 years in customizing contact lenses for strabismus for children and adults. Precision optimal customization.
  • CAT special customization for aphakia – condition in which the intraocular lens was removed.

I am also thoroughly familiar with the raw material and do not compromise on product quality, offering the finest standards in products that facilitate eye comfort and health. Customization of lenses requires extensive experience and maximum precision. Customization of contact lenses in pathological cases requires constant follow-up of the patient. I will offer you my professional best under one roof.

At Arza’s clinic, customers can order:

  • Multifocal lenses for adults (additional information)
  • Multifocal contact lenses for children with strabismus
  • Lenses to people who underwent laser surgeries
  • Lenses with high cylinder
  • Contact lenses for special vision disorders: cataract, corneal diseases, keratoconus and following accidents
  • Contact lenses with high cylinder
  • Soft contact lenses, hard lenses – breathable and hybrid lenses for adults and children

Arza’s unique experience allows her to achieve excellent therapeutic results. The end to red, dry, irritated eyes. You can finally see like you always wanted to.

Looking for an optometrist in Tel-Aviv? Regardless of whether you need contact lenses for adults, lenses with cylinders, lenses for young people, etc. – you can find everything you need under one roof!